Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sprinkles of life

As my precious three and five year were enjoying lunch today my youngest looked at the kitchen ceiling and proudly exclaimed, "We have sprinkles on the ceiling". I smiled and agreed with him that indeed we did.

When we lived in Arizona we too had sprinkles on our ceiling for a time and then had the downstairs ceiling smoothed over and the popcorn ceilings were gone. When we moved in a few weeks ago I immediately fell in love with the house that I had never seen in person. Let me assure you that I had seen lots of photgraphs and video, but only my dear husband had seen the home in person. We are now back on the East Coast.

He had indicated to me that the home did indeed still have the original popcorn ceilings in our 1988 beauty. At the time we discussed having them removed and the ceiling smoothed. Upon our arrival we noticed that the ceilings weren't as severely textured as those in AZ, but nonetheless were classified as popcorn ceilings.

This afternoon I have a totally different perspective of my ceilings. After my three year old was taking an afternoon nap and my five year old was painting me a creation I reflected on Aaron's words.

I contemplated the joy of sprinkles on cupcakes or a cake...it makes ordinary totally festive and little ones give oh and ah when they have sprinkles! So, today, through the voice of my youngest I came to realize that I reside in a party. I have sprinkles above me all the time.

Thank you Lord for the blessing of seeing things through the eyes of my children.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


"To everything there is a season, a time to every purpose under heaven". Ecclesiastes 3:1 NKJV

Change is inevitable. It is inevitable that we will change physically, mentally and emotionally.

Change can help us to become stronger or we fall under the pressure that surrounds us. It is important for us to hold fast to God's promises that He is there for us at all time through the events that occur in our lives and will hold us in the palm of His hand.

We are about to enter another chapter of our life as a family as my husband has accepted a job that will take us back to the East Coast. For several years I would meet with my University roomie and we would chat about how amazing it would be if we were able to reside closer to one another. Little did we know that God would orchestrate that we would live only 1.5 miles from each other and that our children will not only meet, but have the opportunity to truly know one another.

My husband graduated with his MBA on Saturday, May 10. That night we realized it was the exact date that I got my undergraduate degree from Liberty University. On that day in 1991 I could not have fathomed that fastforward 17 years I would be married with two precious blessings and my husband would receive his MBA....17 years to the day.

You see, change is necessary and will happen. We have the option to fight change or embrace it. I have made the decision to embrace the changes that lie ahead. Knowing that I am leaving our current city and people I love dearly and that have become an integral part of my life during our five years here. I choose to cherish the past five years in my heart and reflect on the impact they have had on my growth as a woman, friend and follower of Christ.


Lord, thank you for the blessings that you bring in to our life. Thank you for the changes that are a necessary step to place us where You will have us be to serve you and grow. Today, I want to thank you for those individuals who have had such a profound impact on my life these past five years while we have resided in Arizona.


1. Is there someone who has helped you through a hardship that you can drop an ecard, email or call to and thank them for how God used them during that trial. A great free ecard website is: http://www.dayspring.com/

2. Are you going through a change currently in your life that is hard to deal with? Take a moment right now to pray to the Lord and ask for peace. Give the situation over to Him and ask Him to calm the anxiety you are experiencing.

3. Is there a change that has taken place or you are in the midst of at present that came as a sadness or surprise...whether it be the loss of a loved one or a relationship? Share your sadness with the Lord and ask for healing in His time.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poem by Beverly

I received the poem below today from a dear lady who I have the privilege of knowing. She wrote it and it touched me deeply so I wanted to post it today:

Here I Am

I come into your life to share it ---
ALL of it.

Every accomplishment,
every disappointment,
every relationship,
every challenge,
every hangnail,
every mood,
every joy,
every sorrow,
every pain,
every need,
every event,
every thought.

I am in you and you in Me;
I share your every breath and fear,
movement and hope,
rest and dream.

Hold still for just long enough . . .
Pause quiet as often as you can . . .
Break free . . . and sense Me there.

I have EVERYTHING you need.
I long to discuss ALL of your life with you ---
not just the big things,
but your continual thoughts about everything.

Being human isn’t easy . . .
. . . I know.

But each action and reaction,
thought and feeling,
bring opportunity to learn, expand, and grow.

When you feel overwhelmed,
as pressure, and life itself grow heavy,
talk with Me. . .
cry with Me. . .
laugh with Me.

When your spirit feels exhausted and dry. . .
Remember Me.
Here I wait ---
With flowing living water,
To clear the murky view,
And quench your deepest thirst.

Give up on all the substitutes,
They fail every time.

Let go of all that ties you down;
Drop the reins of your control;
Get quiet. . .
to see where I can lead us,
one minute at a time.

In the past, My people left Me,
“the spring of living water,”
and “dug cisterns” of their own,
“broken cisterns that hold no water.”
(Jeremiah 2:13)

In your dry and thirsty land,
I am here;
I am Who you long for;
I am all you need.

See how close I am,
And share your life with Me.
-- Jesus

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


"Call unto me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know". Jeremiah 33:3 NIV

"Come unto me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light". Matthew 11:28-30 NIV

My parents departed for their 50th wedding anniversary cruise three weeks ago. Since that time I have been able to email them, but not spoken with them on the phone. Albeit, we live on opposite coasts of the country I converse with them several times a week.

The phone rang and it was a call from my cousins and parents. My parents had disembarked the cruise ship for the day spending time with my dear cousins Craig and Sharon in New Zealand and called from their home. What a joy to hear the voice of my mother and father on the other line and converse with them. I told my dear mother that I felt like crying it was so good to hear her voice. Speaking with them for that short time was extremely special and heart warming and was just what I needed until the next time they reach shore.

If a conversation with another human being can bring so much joy and satisfaction how much joy and knowledge can be obtained conversing with the Lord?
As I hung up the phone from speaking with my parents I thought how thankful I was that I was home and available to take the call and didn't miss them before they went back to sea. It was at that moment that the Lord spoke to me and said, "Caroline, I am always here for your calls and love you all the time". What a welling of peace we have knowing that our Savior is accessible at any moment to hear the joys of our day, our struggles and our sorrows.


Lord, thank you for being our Abba. Thank you for loving us all the time and being available to teach us. I am sorry for the times that I have not given you the priority that You deserve or expressed my thankfulness and appreciation for all You have done and continue to do in my life. I love you Lord.


1. Have you spent time in prayer today conversing with your Heavenly Father? Are you making yourself available to Him for conversation?

2. As you review your life over the past few weeks/months have you been in communication with the Lord or do you relate more to being out at sea and not having an open line of communication? If it is the later I want to encourage you to disembark the ship you are currently sailing and come back to the land to be in relationship with the Lord.

3. Take time to read Matthew 6:5-14. Focus on verses 9-13 and read the Lord's prayer aloud.


Mark 11:22-24 Read the words of Jesus and claim them today!

*The photograph was taken on Saturday, February 16 of my Dad conversing with me on the phone and emailed to me by my cousin. I was able to view the photo on the computer while speaking with Dad!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I can't believe that someone gave me the Excellent Blog Award for this blog. I am honored. Thank you so much Jeni. To visit Jeni's blog and her post regarding her honorees please go to: http://jeniallen.blogspot.com/2008/02/you-like-me.html

I am now passing it along to http://betterisonedayinhiscourts.blogspot.com/

Congratulations to you and pass on the award to another blogger that touches your heart with their posts.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


"The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray. Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in it's various forms".
I Peter 4:7-10

I am very weary physically today. After Aaron awoke from his nap I put the little ones in the car to drive over to drop off a gift for my dear friend Madeline. We weren't planning to stay, just drop off the Valentine's. She asked if I would bring the boys in for a short visit which is just what my soul needed.

Upon our entrance in to her home she offered the boys toys to play with and something to eat. They had a drink, graham cracker and then Liam asked for bread. Madeline, the loving and patient lady that she is not only said of course, but asked if he would like to have it toasted and topped with something. The boys didn't want to leave her home and we both noted their level of joy and comfort in her home. It is amazing how intuitive children are (mine are newly three and almost five).

Upon leaving I realized that I arrived to bless her with a gift and it was I who received the blessing. Madeline has a way of doing that.


Lord, as I go about my daily tasks please give me the wisdom to know when to reach out to others and take the time for them that is needed. Just as I was blessed by Madeline taking time out of her day for me and my sons may I in turn do the same for others.


1. Has someone ever called you or arrived at your door and you focus on what you feel you should be doing or were doing (I know that I have). Make a decision that today you will focus on spending your time with purpose on hospitality to others.

2. Is there someone that could be blessed by you calling them today to let them know you care?

3. Sometimes we feel that we can't open up our home to others as it may not be as elegant in design or spacious as others we have visited. God inhabits us and asks that we too will open our heart and home to others. People will be drawn to your love and openness not focusing on the things in the home, but rather your outpouring of love, graciousness and shining light of Christ.


Luke 19 - Read Luke 19 and focus on the response Zacchaeus gave to Jesus when told He was coming to his house. He didn't say, "It isn't clean Jesus", or, "I don't have any fresh food". He came down at once and welcomed him gladly (Luke 19:6 NIV).

Matthew 22:39

*Note photograph of me and Madeline was taken in December 2007*

Thursday, January 31, 2008

She Speaks Conference in June

She Speaks is a conference held in NC in June of this year. It is a conference for speakers, writers and ministy leaders of ladies. I am excited to convey that there will also be a session for bloggers this year. I believe it would be beneficial for any lady that loves the Lord to attend to learn about how the Lord can use us in our speaking, writing and communicating of our life experiences, love of Christ and what a mighty work He has done in our life and can do in that of others.

Lysa who is the President of Proverbs 31 Ministries has a fabulous blog that gives a very eloquent description of what you can learn and experience that the Conference.

Please click here to go to Lysa's blog http://lysaterkeurst.blogspot.com/2008/01/win-scholarship-to-she-speaks-2008.html to learn more about the conference and also the fabulous scholarship opporutunity that is available.

For information on how to register please go to http://www.shespeaksconference.com/

I have always been quite talkative. I was born in England and each time I would bring home my report card from the little private school I was attending at the time (Ardenhurst in Henley-In-Arden) there would be comments in the margin about how I was a chatterbox. I longed for the day when my report card no longer had those words in the margins.

As a Communications Major in Univerity I used my talkative and outgoing personality to study something that I loved. When I gradated (1991) I always prayed that the Lord would use me to speak to others about His love and grace. I am thankful for people He has placed in my path to allow that, but would love to learn more about the opportunity to speak to groups of ladies and pen encouraging experiences with scripture to challenge others in their walk with Christ.

This year I have asked God to use me, to take me to a point of growth that I have not yet experienced in my relationship with Him. When prompted by the Lord may we respond with a resounding yes, knowing that He has a perfect plan for us and we can rest assured that He is in control and we do not need to be at the helm. I would LOVE to be awarded the scholarship for She Speaks to be with ladies who share a similar calling and where we can encourage one another on this journey of spiritual growth and full surrender to what God has called us to do and to be all that we can for Him.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


""I am the Lord's servant,' Mary answered. 'May it be to me as you have said.' Then the angel left her." Luke 1:38 NIV

I had just tucked in my two year old son and turned off the lights in his bedroom and proceeded to see my four year old. We sat talking for a few minutes when I realized that our preschool devotional book had been left in Aaron's bedroom after I read him todays entry. I said, "Liam let us read another Bible story". His little hands reached for the White Gideon New Testament that was given to me in 1979 and was a newfound treasure to him. He said, "Mommy, please read me from this copy of God's word. Can you please find and read me the story of the birth of Jesus". I smiled and turned to the book of Luke and we read the passage of Luke Chapter 2: 1-20.

It was as if I had read the passage for the first time, however, we had read it many times since my childhood and just last month as it was December. I couldn't help but be so touched by Luke 2:19, "But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart".

This year I have asked God to use me, to take me to a point of growth that I have not yet experienced in my relationship with Him. When prompted by the Lord may we respond with a resounding yes, knowing that He has a perfect plan for us and we can rest assured that He is in control and we do not need to be at the helm.


1. As life is spinning around you today be sure and take the time to be still and quiet and treasure and ponder the marvelous work the Lord has done and continues to do in your life and those you love. As you read Luke 2:19 above Mary, Jospeh and newborn Jesus have just been visited by shepherds who came to see what the angels proclaimed and Mary was treasuring and pondering.

2. Is there something that you feel God calling you to do today? If so, ask God for strength for what you have been called to accomplish. It is when we obey that we can experience the true joy of our relationship with the Savior.

Mary was a young women who responded with obedience when Gabriel came to convey the good news that she would carry the Son of God (Luke 1).


Lord, today I want to thank you for showing me how Mary was obedient in the plan that was designed. Mary kept her eyes and heart focused on what God planned for her. Please work through me to fulfill your plan and purpose for my life.


Luke 1:26-38

Luke 1:46-55 - Read these verses and proclaim them. God can use you today to impact someone in an amazing way.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway - Winner Announcement

Wow, what a great response to my bloggy giveaway. I selected the winner using http://www.random.org/ and it selected Jeni. Congratulations and thank you to all you took the time to enter the drawing! - this was added on Sunday, February 3.

Welcome to my blog!

I am taking part in the Winter Carnival Bloggy Giveaways.

Here are the rules to be eligible for the prize:

1. Leave a comment under this post with a link to your blog and/or your email address in the event your name is selected.

2. The winner will be notified by email on Sunday, February 3.

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Also, be sure and check out http://www.bloggygiveaways.com/ for the opportunity to enter on a slew of other blogs and misc. fabulous prizes.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


"This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it".
Psalm 118:24 NKJV

I find it easy to have a happy heart and praise God when things are going smoothly. The days when my little men in the making have listening ears and things seem to go on schedule it is more easy to be joyful. I often find myself saying to my boys, "Please do this with a happy heart". As their mother I need to not only speak those words but also live them so they know that a happy heart is something that is attainable and real.

It is often in times of crisis that we see the depth of a man. Thus far, in my 38 years, I have to say that I have not had to endure a true crisis. My life has been blessed and God is so good, however, I have learned so much from witnessing godly men and women praise God through their times of joy AND when sorrow comes.

As humans we are blessed to have feelings, but also need to remember that we can not let circumstances determine our attitude.


Lord, I give today to You. I know you are with me throughout the journey of my earthly life and You know what I will face today. Please give me the strength to accept with peace whatever the day entails.


1. Is there someone you know that is hurting today that you can minister to? Give them a call and convey that you are praying for them.

2. Take the time to pen someone a note this week via email or snail mail and convey to them something about them or something you did together that blessed you.

3. Are you struggling with a heavy burden today? Spend some time in prayer and ask God to help you to give him it to Him.

4. Make a list of some of God's blessings in your life and focus on what He has done for you.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


"Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow". Psalm 51:7

I love emails. So much so, that in the past I have saved them for extended periods of time which results in my email box reaching capacity. If I was to be compared to an animal I am likened to a squirrel who stores their food for the winter; I store everything that comes in the house, and, via email. Just the other day I sat down to send an email and all of the 2007 emails had disappeared from my inbox. It was something I had planned to do eventually, however, the computer did it for me.

Albeit, there was a sense of loss for what information might be needed, there was an instant feeling of utter relief that I was now rid of something I had to been holding to and was hesitant to let go.

In an instant over a 1,000 emails vanished, so it was when God forgave me of all my sins. A girl birthed with a sinful nature was again born white as snow and forgiven. God washed all my sins away; they vanished and are gone for all eternity!


1. Is there sin in your past that are you having difficulty accepting forgiveness for? Pray and ask Jesus to give you peace and assurance so that you can let it go.

2. Is there someone that has wronged you that you have not forgiven? Pray that you will see them through God's eyes and request the strength to move past the hurt.

3. Is there sin in your life that needs to be confessed? Spend some time in prayer today asking God to reveal any area of your life that needs to be confessed.

4. Spend some time praising God for His forgiveness and grace.


Lord, thank you for washing me as white as snow and making me new again.

Bible Verses to consider:

Psalm: 103:12
Matthew 26:28

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Psalm 42

Psalm 42:1"As the hart pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God."

As the deer panteth for the water,
So my soul longs after you.
You alone are my hearts desire,
And I long to worship You.

You alone are my strength, my shield;
To You alone may my spirit yield.
You alone are my hearts desire,
and I long to worship You.

I want you more than gold or silver,
Only You can satisfy.
You alone are the real joy giver
And the apple of my eye.

You alone are my strength, my shield;
To You alone may my spirit yield.
You alone are my hearts desire,
and I long to worship You.

You're my friend and You're my brother,
Even though you are a King.
I love You more than any other
So much more than anything.

You alone are my strength, my shield;
To You alone may my spirit yield.
You alone are my hearts desire,
and I long to worship You.

Friday, January 4, 2008


This a.m. I arrived a few minutes early to pick up Liam from school. As I stood outside his classroom I looked up at the sky and in a moment of peace I praised God for the beauty of the sky. My mind reflected back to childhood when I spent time absorbing the magnificence of the sky whilst looking for similarity of the clouds to tangible things I could identify.

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these". Mark 10:14

On the drive home it occurred to me how children take such wonder and amazement at all they see and how adults rush from one task to the next viewing their responsibilities as a check list.

Lord, this year I want to come to you as a child to learn and to grow. May I not rush from task to task, but savor these days with the children, husband and day to day responsibilities.