Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sprinkles of life

As my precious three and five year were enjoying lunch today my youngest looked at the kitchen ceiling and proudly exclaimed, "We have sprinkles on the ceiling". I smiled and agreed with him that indeed we did.

When we lived in Arizona we too had sprinkles on our ceiling for a time and then had the downstairs ceiling smoothed over and the popcorn ceilings were gone. When we moved in a few weeks ago I immediately fell in love with the house that I had never seen in person. Let me assure you that I had seen lots of photgraphs and video, but only my dear husband had seen the home in person. We are now back on the East Coast.

He had indicated to me that the home did indeed still have the original popcorn ceilings in our 1988 beauty. At the time we discussed having them removed and the ceiling smoothed. Upon our arrival we noticed that the ceilings weren't as severely textured as those in AZ, but nonetheless were classified as popcorn ceilings.

This afternoon I have a totally different perspective of my ceilings. After my three year old was taking an afternoon nap and my five year old was painting me a creation I reflected on Aaron's words.

I contemplated the joy of sprinkles on cupcakes or a cake...it makes ordinary totally festive and little ones give oh and ah when they have sprinkles! So, today, through the voice of my youngest I came to realize that I reside in a party. I have sprinkles above me all the time.

Thank you Lord for the blessing of seeing things through the eyes of my children.