Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poem by Beverly

I received the poem below today from a dear lady who I have the privilege of knowing. She wrote it and it touched me deeply so I wanted to post it today:

Here I Am

I come into your life to share it ---
ALL of it.

Every accomplishment,
every disappointment,
every relationship,
every challenge,
every hangnail,
every mood,
every joy,
every sorrow,
every pain,
every need,
every event,
every thought.

I am in you and you in Me;
I share your every breath and fear,
movement and hope,
rest and dream.

Hold still for just long enough . . .
Pause quiet as often as you can . . .
Break free . . . and sense Me there.

I have EVERYTHING you need.
I long to discuss ALL of your life with you ---
not just the big things,
but your continual thoughts about everything.

Being human isn’t easy . . .
. . . I know.

But each action and reaction,
thought and feeling,
bring opportunity to learn, expand, and grow.

When you feel overwhelmed,
as pressure, and life itself grow heavy,
talk with Me. . .
cry with Me. . .
laugh with Me.

When your spirit feels exhausted and dry. . .
Remember Me.
Here I wait ---
With flowing living water,
To clear the murky view,
And quench your deepest thirst.

Give up on all the substitutes,
They fail every time.

Let go of all that ties you down;
Drop the reins of your control;
Get quiet. . .
to see where I can lead us,
one minute at a time.

In the past, My people left Me,
“the spring of living water,”
and “dug cisterns” of their own,
“broken cisterns that hold no water.”
(Jeremiah 2:13)

In your dry and thirsty land,
I am here;
I am Who you long for;
I am all you need.

See how close I am,
And share your life with Me.
-- Jesus


Jeni said...

Hi - the box arrived today! Thank you so much, and good luck on selling your house!